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This is your place for inspirational heartfelt gifts. 

Handmade, crafted gifts for all ages including memory, personalised, unique gifts, keepsakes and more that are made especially for you and your loved ones. 


Here you will find a selection of gifts for all ages and all occasions.
From gifts for birthdays, Christmas, mother's day, fathers day, weddings, births, and much more.

Each item is handmade using epoxy resin and unique in that there

will never be two made the same as colours and designs vary.
No matter what the occasion I'm sure you will find something which will inspire you.

Below you will find a short video showing you a few of the items which I have created.

Visit my about page, where you will learn more about me and discover the reasons why I have created these inspirational gifts. As well as finding out about the charity I help to support with every sale made.

Thankyou for visiting my site.

I look forward to creating gifts for you.

If you would like further information please contact me.

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